The Primary Purpose of TRE



The Primary Purpose of TRE Cheda Mikic January 2019

The primary purpose of TRE is to allow as much movement, embodiment and presence as possible in any given moment. In the TRE process, the release of tension, stress and trauma follow as an inevitable result of that primary purpose.

From a neutral attention and listening, from allowing an open space for movement and presence, resolutions will emerge.

The focus of the work is to facilitate a non-judgmental space and the freedom for a person to be seen and heard; to express who they are and what they feel.

Lacking this, we moved away from who we are and took up defence mechanisms in order to feel less pain, less restraint, less isolation. These ways of adapting may have served us initially, but not any more.  

Given appropriate and timely presence, space and engagement, authentic movement and stillness can once again be re-established.

The aim of TRE is to provide that re-connection.

Cheda Mikic,  January 2019

Steph Hodgson