One-to-One TRE Sessions


In Oxford and Banbury with Steph

In London with Cheda.

Learn how to use the TRE process to help release stress, tension and trauma held in your body.

Calming the nervous system, relaxing the body



Oxford and Leamington Spa

Learn how to shake in a small group

Support and deepen your TRE Practice

All welcome


TRE® Introduction Day

 Learn to be in your body, feel your emotions and think clearly with TRE®.

 TRE® is a specific set of simple exercises design to trigger involuntary movements and tremors within the body. These involuntary movements and tremors help to reset the balance in our nervous system, freeing us from those old patterns and defence strategies that our body and brain used in stressful and traumatic situations.

TRE® is a safe and easy way of realising tension and stress accumulated in the body and it restores the vitality and resilience.


You will learn:

§  The theory about  TRE® and how can help with tiredness, stress, anxiety, pain and trauma

§  More about the body and brain connection and the defence cascades of fight-flight and freeze responses

§  How to start and stop therapeutic tremors and how to explore involuntary movements

§  Discover grounding and simple tools to be more embodied and present

§  How to self regulate, contain and manage all sensations inside your body


The TRE® Introduction Day is open for everyone. You can attend to learn about using this simple, but powerful modality to support your own health.

Experience how to feel empowered by your own inner tremors and involuntary movements in a safe, supported group.

The workshop will be vary practical with plenty of time for discussion and sharing of the experiences.

Time 12.00 – 17.00

Tutor: Cheda Mikic

Cost: £50

Venue: HQ Therapy, Haggerston, 322c Kingsland rd, E8 4DE, London