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Advanced TRE Workshop - Fascia and the Fluid Body

In this advanced workshop we will explore new amazing discoveries about fascia from the latest congress on Fascia and how this relates to TRE.

There will be a new presentation of Fascia with new slides and clips from professor Guimberteau and other giants in this field.

We will bring more awareness into how TRE moves our body and body structures. Not only related to Neurogenic tremor but to more complex responses that change our neurological, biochemical, emotional state and also fluid dynamics through our fascia.

We will learn how the movement transforms and is related to the fluids in the body to soft tissue to bone and how continuous interaction of these systems maintain, organize and re-organise the health in the body.

This is the new and very exciting workshop that will challenge our perception of human body.

Venue: HQ therapy rooms Haggerston, 322C (Ground Floor) Kingsland Rd, Hackney, London, E8 4DE. 

Cost: £120 for Sat or Sun

£220 for whole weekend.

Places are limited - max 10 people!

For payments, send the full amount or your deposit of £40 to secure your place to Paypal – mcheda@hotmail.com or bank transfer.

The balance can be paid on the day. 

For further info email Cheda at mcheda@hotmail.com

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