The goal of this workshop is to deepen our understanding about the foundational role of Psoas and Pelvis in human body and in TRE.

We will explore anatomical interconnectedness of the psoas and the pelvis with surrounding systems, organs and tissues.

Often this area of the body holds excess emotional and energetic charge and limits the natural movements.

We will learn about the connections between our pelvic area, body sensations, deep seated emotions and heightened or dissociated sense often present in that area of the body.

Through practical exercises we will learn how to use gentle but powerful interventions to help deepen our own and client process and facilitate possible resolutions.


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In this advanced workshop we will explore new amazing discoveries about fascia from the latest congress on Fascia and how this relates to TRE.

There will be a new presentation of Fascia with new slides and clips from professor Guimberteau and other giants in this field.

We will bring more awareness into how TRE moves our body and body structures. Not only related to Neurogenic tremor but to more complex responses that change our neurological, biochemical, emotional state and also fluid dynamics through our fascia.

We will learn how the movement transforms and is related to the fluids in the body to soft tissue to bone and how continuous interaction of these systems maintain, organize and re-organise the health in the body.

This is the new and very exciting workshop that will challenge our perception of human body.